I love to visit schools and libraries!

My presentations last 30-40 minutes, and are lively and interactive to hold kids' interest. Students will learn how a picture book is created, from the first tiny sketches to the finished manuscript and full color final artwork.

Kindergarten and First Grade

For the youngest students, I use puppets to help discuss what an author and illustrator does, and how picture books are made.  I'll show examples of the rough scribbled sketches and mock-ups I make to plan out a book, and emphasize that books often start out messy and imperfect. We'll discuss where reference materials can be found, the difference between fiction and nonfiction, and the importance of using our imaginations. I'll show the art materials I use to make a book, and talk about how they're the same paints and colored pencils that students use. I'll share my final illustrations, and compare them to how they appear in the finished book. After time for questions and comments, I conclude the talk by creating a large marker drawing for the class, using ideas and input from the students.

Grades 2-4

I'll touch on the same issues as the younger grades, and delve further into writing and revisions. We'll discuss the importance of reworking and honing an idea, and how the extra work ultimately improves whatever project the students are creating.

Multi-Age (adults included)

I enjoy speaking to mixed groups at libraries, including children and adults, and I incorporate the same fun materials and behind-the-scenes facts mentioned above.

School and library visit pricing

I prefer working with groups of 50 children or fewer so I can interact with all the students. For larger groups, I can do a PowerPoint presentation.

Single presentation: $200.00 plus mileage for trips longer than one hour from Portsmouth, NH. Trips of more than 2 hours may require overnight accommodations.

Single Day visit: Up to 5 half-hour presentations: $600.00 plus mileage for trips of more than one hour from Portsmouth, NH. Trips of over 2 hours may require overnight accommodations.

Discounts are available for multi-day visits.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email me at teri@teriweidner.com

"Today's presentation was excellent and very appropriate for our audience of 3-5 year olds. It was really interesting to see several different steps in writing and illustrating a book. The puppets were a fun addition, and the children loved the interactive drawing!"

Patrice Hunt, Teacher, Head Start, Rochester, NH

"Thank you so much for your fantastic presentation. You answered so many questions, and the children loved your story! After you left they were still buzzing about your artwork."

Kelly French, Teacher, Dudley School, Fairport, NY

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